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March 2003

Predator Eyes

I think I have Ana (nyc_coyote) to thank for either using the term around me or putting into context the idea of "predator eyes." Predator eyes are what you have when you have the ability to spot and see prey and other animals that are hiding around your yard or along the road, etc. Some […]

Upcoming dates

I’ll be in the following events. If folks would like to go, let me know and I can provide times maps and information. Almost all of the concerts are in the afternoon. The band concerts are without charge. The orchestra concerts require tickets. Saturday, April 5, 2003 – Bucks County Symphony OrchestraSelections to include Shostakovitch’s […]


Well. It may be work hours but since I have all of my desktop machines and the farm thrashing away and computing as hard as they can I find myself with a little bit of free time to write up a post. Have you noticed that no matter how much faster the computer gets, or […]

Muddling Through

Isn’t it odd how your life can be described as the intersection of the lives of the people who live around you? This weekend has been a usual knot of folks. I am very lucky that there are a lot of of people that I consider who are "Good People" who are around me. Some […]