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May 2003

Viva Von Trappe!

It’s nice to see that Pennsylvania kept true to it’s weather form that for about the 8475th weekend in a row it was dark, cold and rainy until the first day or work upon which the sun shone and birds sang with heads turned toward the glorious, blue heavens. But I digress. Aside from the […]

Dain Bramage!

It’s friday! It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Did I mention it’s Friday? Most of the folks I know in the area seem either comitted to being out of the area for the long weekend and/or already have commitments in the area. It looks like this weekend might be just me and the hoss with intermittent appeareances […]


Vulpsturm, the way cool third roommate of the house, found a bit of sadness last night. Out in the street at the end of our driveway, one of our foxes had evidently been hit by a car and was dead in the road. I have mentioned the wildlife around my house before on this journal, […]

Mmmmmmmmmm doughnuts

After watching Starbucks invade the east coast, it’s interesting to hear that Krispy Kreme is invading the west. Mmmmmm. Wedding cake: http://www.liweddings.com/services/favors/krispykreme/index.asp


I was worried at how the construction on the house on the lot next door would effect the animals that frequent the yard. I’ve spotted the foxes so far this year, but not the red tail hawk. In the past a friend of mine had identified that there was an owl in the area, but […]


Sometimes the world gives you a hint. I had a nice rambling post that I just spell-checked and was about to load live journal, just as I hit the wrong tab close button and lost it. Maybe it’s a hint from somewhere to be brief. This last week has been uber busy. Work has a […]