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June 2003

Video Overload

The last few days have been rather insane. For those of you who may not know, three years ago I took over the production of Anthrocon’s videos. The gentleman who was running them was not very professional (the highest quality thing on the video was hig logo that featured a sexually explicit image), adversarial about […]

Long day

Ever had a day when you were so tired you felt drunk and were seeing Kokopelis appearing on your butt?

It’s been nice knowing you folks.

This will likely be my last Live Journal post since it will seed my immediate and likely violent death. This Friday, the 27th, is our dear friends Ken Cougar’s birthday. Make sure you wish him the best. I’m gonna go make out a will now.

It’s da SHOES!

Remeber the first time you saw that game of games, Sonic the Hedghog two? The game with sparkling graphics and incredible response. Yeah. And the trippiest thing was getting da SHOES. You ran about 8 billion miles and hour and burnt out the CRT with those things. Well, last post I let on that my […]

Busy busy busy

http://www.griffinpark.com/seriousfitness/ First and foremost, the Nunnemacher guy has been busy as all get out. His serious fitness website series has had lots of new additions over the weekend, including the two imcomperable logos above. Please check it out, this guy rock and should be supported. He has some nifty stuff up for sale. Speaking of […]

Rain and shoes

It’s raining again. Whee. 20 weekends out of 24 so far. Anyway. It finally happened. I’m not one to often follow trends and such. When I went to college I noticed a lot of fokls were wearing sandals. Often they were banned from marching band as not being sufficiently protective footwear for rehearsal. I never […]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Ya Big Hoss! It’s Gideon’s (gideon_hoss) birthday everyone. Wish him well!

Another day. Another week.

Well what to you know. 24 weekends down. 19 of them with rain. Let’s hear it for PA weather. It only rained on Friday thankfully. Along with the sunshine, some folks came by and visited this weekend. We had a "Friday the 13th" party. Ken and Lisa Sample made it down, as well as Iridium […]

Morning surprises

Apparently someone took away summer and replaced it with monsoon season. Once again Pennsylvania is getting a slow, steady seattle style rain. I wouldn’t mind this as much if I wasn’t living in Pennsylvania. It makes me long for the drought of last year where the grass didn’t need cutting for two months. Oh well, […]