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July 2003

AC — the con, not the window unit.

Wow. It seems like half of the world ended up at AC. I got to hang out with bunches of folks, and saw a ton more in passing. It was a grand old con as usual. I’m glad to be a part of it. A while back i was asked to be one of the […]

The Anthrocon Schedule is up!


Ther theraputic effects of BlueGrass

The ride in this morning with the Buni (krdbuni and I carpool) reminded me about the joys of bluegrass. Back in the bad, evil old days. When I lived in DC. I endured several commutes that were extreme. Of all the places I have lived, no one has a commute quite like DC. DC has […]

Can’t sleep. Con will eat me.

It’s funny. With all the busy going on for getting the con prepped, I’m still getting other things done. Very quietly in the background I have been doing MASSIVE overhauls of the macrophile code. Especially on the FTP images section. It still ahs a few bugs, but that section used to be regenerated nightly via […]

Anthrocon Phun

Some days you’re ahead. Some days you’re behind. Having belted the video out of the way and caught up on some email for the big mother of all cons, (that would be Anthrocon) I find myself taking a pause before plunging back in. I’ve got a lot of online work out of the way and […]

For those of you who asked :)

45 hours of video editing, 8 hours of work in four days. 8 bad or test DVD burns 39 Title keys 85 seperate source clips of video, 50 GB 3 Custom made sound effects (at least there was some audio enginnering) An hour and forty minutes of run time A cutting room floor knee deep […]