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August 2003

Fancy clothes

Funny thing about how work works. The last few days, as a few of you have seen via webcams and in person, I’ve had to wear some of the good threads to work. Something about a bunch of VCs suddenly being interested in investing in our company. The real truth is that after riding severral […]


Everyone on here is LYING! I see it every day! All of you! LIEEEEEEES! At the bottom of all these nifty posts there is a spot where after you select your emotion from the list you can put down the music that you are listening to. I like listening to music. At work I have […]


The season is starting again. If you are interested in attending, let me know. More information will be dropped here and there. Bucks County Symphony Orchestra Oct 17, 2003 – Fall Subscription Concert Nov 16, 2003 – Children’s Concert Feb 15, 2004 – Winter Concert Mar 26, 2004 – Spring Concert Apr 17, 2004 – […]

Generic Live Journal post

You see. I know this person. It could be a he or she, but I’ll just say “he.” He’s a good dude and all, but he did this thing that is so durn annoying. I want to vent about it, but I don’t want to use his name so everyone can become paranoid and try […]

“they couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist–“

I was recently hanging with some friends up in NJ. The subject of local museums came up. They live in that North-Central New Jersey area where all the old historic swank houses from the turn of the century are. All of the nice summer homes for the socialites who lived near Menlo park and such. […]

The Live Journal Game

Does anyone else notice that Live Jorunal is really not a live journal? It’s sort of an inverse popularity game. A place where you can see if folks want to read up on you, and you feel obligated to drop names and comments to your friends. It’s like the modern equivalent of a tupperware party. […]

These United States

Sometimes I wonder if I travel a lot more than some folks. I’ve been to a lot of good places and even lived overseas for a short while or two. At one point I got curious and started to list all of the US states I have traveled or lived in: States to which I […]


Funny thing about the word Hello. It didn’t appear in our vocabularly regularly until the telephone was invented. Something about a lack of vicotorian etiqutte that fit the procedure of using this odd technical device. I believe the story goes that Bell lifted the term “Hello” from riverboats. It was a loud greeting that could […]