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September 2003


Avast there mateys. This here day is Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day. You can walk the plank if you think I’m daft. Sail over to http://www.talklikeapirate.com/ and fire a broadside. Talking in a pirate way is hard on your landlubber keyboard matey. Try the special blackbeard model: ARRRRRRRR!

The big bad evil storm!

I’ll admit it. I like bad weather. I’ve lived on coasts almost my entire life (Navybrat) and have been through several hurricanes. Some of them were big, some weren’t. In some ways it’s something cool to look forward too. As long as you aren’t on the waterfront, and don’t have atree hanging over your house, […]


I took a que from preyfar and my previous LJ username, which was a little cumbersome is now “bigtig.” Now have a fun picture:

Thank you so very much!

After coming home from work last night, I was floored to come home and find this just sitting in the computer room: I had been told another present was in the mail but I wasn not exepcting anything of this calbire or so cool! I don’t know if it’ll go to work or not. I […]

Pint O’ Kitty!

Just for you, Torrle. Drink up.

Birthday in the big apple

I don’t like posting ahead of time about my birthday. It seems to smack of fishing for gifts. But this last weekend was indeed my birthday, so I guess since it’s past it’s OK to chat about.


Sometimes nature just appears to assemble some creatures poorly:

Computers go burp

Some of you may or may not know that I happen to run a cute little server with a few websites. In the past, in what seems to be a former life of sorts, I used to be a sysadmin for a fairly sizeable internet company. I’m wearing a programmer hat now, but I’ve done […]

Rediscovering your youth.

A while ago here in philly we had another radio station shuffle. Right now while the various mega-coperate-conglomer-amlga-sedement-uber-merger radio chains are buying everyone out, a lot of the stations change format. One of the local stations went 80s for a while. And the world was quite good. It has changed again recently, but in the […]