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October 2003

The CSI Thing

I suppose everyone else will post about this too. Here are my thoughs. The episode was what I expected. I cringe from the thought that for the next ‘X’ years this is the basis that most folks will have of furry fandom when I try to explain it to them, but oh well. It was […]

Scheduling stupidity

Normally I don’t post complaints online. I feel that there are enough people with real problems out there that I don’t need to add my paltry messes to the list. However, this serves as a bit of an annoucement for some folks too. I posted the dates of my orchestra concerts a while ago. One […]

Flying Kitties

Nevermind the torrents of rain today, I was still fairly happy from this last weekend, which turned out to be really cool. Cheetah (justincheetah) dropped by for a visit to hang out and also pick up some of the AC mastertapes to ferry them by paw. Some times I worry about boing too paranoid with […]

Radio DJ Math

We have a local talk DJ in the Philadelphia area, name of Barsky, who has been on the air for probably 30 years. He’s outlived a good dozen radio station and has a crew format that works with him. Sort of a Howard Stern without the stupid and shock. I’m not a big fan of […]

Music to feel better by.

I normally don’t talk or write much about my musical tastes. As anyone who has been subjected to riding in my car ( and for some odd reason I seem to do the driving) I have an odd selection in music tastes. And it’s not the kind of “odd” tastes that seem to be popular. […]


Well. Fall Fell. I noticed yesterday how all the big hardwood trees down our “driveway of doom” had turned all the wonderful shades of color that make this season remind you of nature and life. Last night we had a big wind storm. It looks like about 89% of all that Fall foilage fell in […]

Taking a closer look.

Man it is a rough time for a lot of folks I know. So many good people out of work. So many others going through life troubles and physical problems. I sure hope all of this gets better. I’ve been very lucky to keep working through a lot of these troubles and even though my […]

Colorbars and tone

Have you ever watched TV. Back in the old days when programming would stop. Somewhere between the national anthem and static, there would be a few brief moments of what’s called colorbars and tone. It’s something you see on the lead-in and lead-out of tapes in a production environment. The color bars are the to […]