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November 2003

0.213 billion data points

It is a funny thing about addresses. If they are stadardized enough in layout you can parse them to obtain Latitude and Longitude information. So for those who were curious about what those 0.22 billions names and addresses I was talking about before could be used for:

Santa Baby

Well. Am gonna force myself to take a few moments here at work and post a few thoughts. Work, as usual feels like I’m drowning in commitments. Massive projects due in no time. Other projects falling by the wayside. Makes me feel overworked and rung out. Bleh. But hopefully it should be better soon. A […]

This link will ruin your day.

I don’t understand some people.

A quandry

A few years ago I did a silly impulse thing and I bought a Truck. It was a $500 kind-of purchase on a vehichle that reminded me of my childhood in the back of my dad’s truck. It’s an old 1970-something Ford King cab. Off and on I have sunk several thousand (4+) dollars into […]

High winds

Via some detective work, I think that high winds have took out the power at my house. Unfortunately this means that macrophile.com is without power. Specifically I think one switch in the loop is down. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can send someone on site to power down the system rather than having […]

Da phone!

shhhhk. tic. shhhhk. tictictictictictictictictic. shhhhk. tic. shhhhk. tictictictictictictictictictictic. shhhhk. tictictictictic. shhhhk. tictictictictic. shhhhk. tictictictictic. shhhhk. tic. shhhhk. tictic. shhhhk. tic. shhhhk. tictic. I’m guessing that with the new cell-phone and phone-number portability issue that it will be likely that a lot of exchanges around the US will change. I wonder if the venerable pulse dialing […]


My darling wife– As this day draws to a close, I can only think of you. Possibly I’m just emerging from the R&R haze in which I’ve been enveloped for these past weeks. Until now the detail of our meeting was all so clear: I could still hear your voice, feel your warmth. Now the […]

Things I miss.

Walks to school in the morning Late night sessions in the media lab with cool people Saturday morning cartoons Watching a sporting event in a warm coat and blanket on a cold and wet day Looking out the window as the school bus traveled Having free evenings Camping in a shady, cool area with grass […]

0.22 billion names and addresses

I’ve mentioned in the past that I do a little work here and there with computers. And sometimes you have to wait a little. I took the time at one point to post about how the UNIVAC saved time to help keep me in perspective. Well. Right now is another one of those times. I […]

21 dollars a day, once a month.

Man today has been weird. And I’m not talking about the fact that I had a front row seat to a 2 hour traffic delay from multiple semi’s and cars catching fire. Nothing like a seat to some front-row death to make your commute 3 hours long. Very surreal. And detached. After having worked at […]