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December 2003

Christmas nearing and holiday posts.

I see that Live Journal is filling up with the usual posts of folks taking trips home and making their annual visits to friends and relatives. All this talk of Christmas and related stuff. In the mean time I am busting my own butt to make 4 deadlines on the final day I am here […]

Diet diet diet!

As some of you are close to me know and have been very kind to tolerate, for the past two years or so I have been on the Atkins diet. I’ve had some good success with it, though in the last half year or more it has not been quite as effective. Lets face it, […]


I’m tired. I used to tell people this when folks asked how I was doing. It got to be a joke. So I would just tell people I was busy doing work or consulting or whatever. Now that has become a joke, too. Folks whom I haven’t spoke to in months will page or contact […]

Remember my post about the old style phones? While I was back at the house in North Carolina, I found Grandma’s old phone. It was a basic-black phone that had been given to her out of the leftovers from when Fort Bragg cleaned out their closets. It’s the same model that’s pictured here. We plugged […]

Christmas Tunes

There are a lot of Christmas tunes out there I would like to see get more airplay. Somehow the current covers of many of the tunes just feel flat or annoying. For example, I wouldn’t mind hearing one of these swingers on the air: Louis Armstrong – Cool Yule Duke Ellington – Jingle Bells Louis […]