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January 2004

Belated Con report thingy from FC

This will be one of two FC reports. This report is about the convention as an organization. The next one will be about me and the running around San Jose/Fransisco like an idiot. 🙂

Back and alive…

Back from the west coast. Many thanks to the folks who put us up for the night when the plane was cancelled. It was zero notice and you guys were wonderful hosts. The usual con reports and touristy stuff will follow later. Right now I get to make up for being away from work for […]

That little project

I mentioned in my last post about a project on the works for FC. And a few folks at the con have seen it. Here’s the run down: Megamorphic Selections: Small cuts from the big APA

Can’t sleep… con will eat me…

It’s 1 am. Do you know where you Macro Smut is? Well. FC is tomorrow for me. We fly out at 9 am. It means we need to be up and out of the door at 6am. Ouch. Still printing out the super-secret-macro-smut project that will go on sale at FC. Thank goodness for friends […]

Nawlins Music

I really like to listen to music as I work. I know I listen to weird stuff now and then and can be pretty intolerant of some “pop” and such. I usually feel a little guilty to subjecting my friends to my music selection in my car, and when it applies, at work. Thankfully at […]


The con. Not the thing that makes the air colder. I was really surprised when I found out (via a hug from Brahma) that Kage had mentioned me specifically in the announcement about room space at AC. I generally don’t publicize my work with AC. Half the stuff I’d like to talk about is generally […]

Visits and resolutions

It’s good to have friends and company. Over the Christmas holidays as well as more recently, we had quite a few folks visit. Sabrewing hung out during the holidays. And after, Swiftpaw and Fritzie came by and though things got a little silly with other folks stopping by (Duncan, Teaselbone, Ken Cougar, Lisa Lynx, Roxikat, […]


In 5 days they are opening a Krispy Kreme near the house. It sits in front of the only entrance and exit to a LA Fitness club they just built. Can you say symbyotic relationship? And just when I thought something cooler could not happen, they are opening a Baja Fresh right next to it. […]

The downside to scrabble.

A while back, in lieu of the usual Holiday postings, I posted about a really good scrabble game. I cleared my rack 2 times in the course of the game as well as taking a lot of the triple letter scores. To say I won is an understatement. I think I nearly equalled the scores […]