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February 2004

the creeping horror

There is something about this software project and company that I am currently worrking for. I can’t quite put my finger on it. There’s got to be a good metaphor out there for how it soaks up time, work and requirements. I’m just not sure that it could possible be. 🙂

Sometimes I empathize with this one:

The Big Easy

It’s Fat Tuesday. The day when Philadelphia celebrates the upcoming sacre holiday of Ash Wednesday by rioting and looting South street. Or so it seems. I spent a summer in New Orleans. It was not the most fun time of my life. I went to work for a new startup ISP and it folded badly. […]


Remember when quick cams first came out? Some people can be creative with the littelest things:

Lies! Lies I tell you!

People on LJ are lying! Constantly! Every day! I look at the emotions that people select. You know the ones, in the handy pull-down mood meter. It only has what seems like a few thousand emotions in it. I’m going to theorize that the vast majority of the emotions that are in LJ are in […]

Monday Morning Blues

Work likes to have early morning meetings on monday. Whee. The make-or-break-the-company contract is due this Friday. I’ve been made responsible for it, and have to take it over from three different developers. So I’m responsible for it, but am stil having to drag the details out of people. And an early morning meeting burns […]

The big move.

o/~ Oh where or where did our little pr0n go o/~ Can you tell when the vast majority of domains were moved from this machine? Move is probably 85% complete now. Just finishing touches.

Harf? Cute? Cutely harfing?

Enough folks seem interested in guessing what the lil tig was doing. A few folks were correct. Those are crumbs. This is probably one of the more distrubing images I own. An insatiably cute tiger cub eating Human Crackers. This was a print by Al Mackey back in 1996. I’m fairly sure it is the […]


So… is it a tremendously cute tiger expressing surprise? Or trying not to hurl?

The great pr0n migration

For those who peek at the domains I run off of my own machines, (macrophile.com, pumapaw.com, and a host of others) this might be a bit of relevance. After looking around for a while I found a place in which I can get dedicated hosting on the cheap and dependable. Odd thing is it’s up […]