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March 2004


Triggur has such an excellent mastery of humor. He likes sick humor. Taking the exaggeration of cute kittens and pairing it with the infamous wartime act of firebombing Dresden is classic Triggur. But what I love is his absolute attention to detail. What’s the funniest thing in this picture? What is the piece de résistance […]

And the world went *ding*

You know, the longer I am in classical and other music, the more I realize that we think things backwards. I went and played Triangle this last friday on a piece that I only rehearsed once and that was a relatively difficult counting exercise. Especially when time signatures and large variations would be buried without […]


It’s friday. It’s 70 degress outside. I wonder why I can’t keep my mind on the word I have to do. Hrmm. Tonight will be fun. A surprise orchestra concert. There were no pieces for this concert that called for Bass Clarinet so I didn’t show up at any of the rehearsals. Some instruments are […]

More Joy.

I discovered today that the area I live in, is an EPA Super Fund Site referred to as North Penn 6. Such a generic name hides the fact that the water for a relatively significant community is poisoned and it has become an example for some enviornmental groups. I’m sure it wasn’t fun to find […]

Burnt out

Have you ever picked up a bottle rocket after you’ve used it? It’s a colorful husk of paper and a stuck just like it was before you lit it. Except the end now has a bit of soot and the whole thing is empty and light.

Watching the data go round and round.

We hired shaterri today. Or at least someone who is a dead ringer for him. Our new lead architect. I don’t envy him or the UI person we hired. From a usage and design standpoint our software is a flipping mess. Even folks who like ‘ed’ are horrified at our software. Anyway, I find myself […]

Weekend of doom.

It’s weird how time can slip away: Sunday was a fun day. Ended up sleeping in until 1pm. Woke up and made a breakfast for the me, susandeer, gideon_hoss, and vulpnikov. It was the worlds largest Ceesesteak omlette. That must have took a few years off of our lives. Kicked off some processing at work. […]

Attack of the Kittens part 7!

Feed the melty eat-beast! It commands you!

It shouldn’t exist…

Nature abohors a vacum. We’re told that some things shouldn’t exist in this world. They will disappear under the crush of their own impossible nature. Look quickly then, because Ladies and Gentlemen, I present unto you: The worlds only depressed kitten.

Birthdays around.

Happy Birthday to the folks who I haven’t been able to pounce on specifically. Happy B’day to sephebonblade, who’s one of the more patient guys I know out there and has a really good heart. Happy B’day to tchall, who is another wonderful soul who seems practically selfless in helping others and is just a […]