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April 2004

It starts

I’ve seen this a few times and poked at it back and forth. We’re a newish company that is growing up. Today is the day some of the new employee policies got posted on the bulliten board in the lunch room.

Starring Tux!

We moved stuff at work. It was fun. I tried and ran a time-capture of the work. It’s silly and fun, especially with added music. [ Real Audio File (3.8 MB) ] And for those who despise Real Media I cut: [ AVI File (37.2 MB) ]

What to post.

I hate staring at an empty post window. But it happens. Work has been very very squirrely of late. We’ve moved into the new uber-huge office space. It’s made the commute a little more annoying but it’s still tolerable. There is a jogging path and showers, which I plan to use more of. Last week […]

240v power … 120v computer … oily smoke. Bleh. Looks like we’re having out usual concert this Sunday with the band. They’re not as good as they orchestra, but they try good and we should have a great guest artist. 3pm this sunday at Bucks County Community College in the library auditorium.

What weekend?

Last thursday: Everyone packs their cubes into boxes and shuts down their machines. Stay late bagging machines. Friday: Show up early. Unrack servers. Move servers. Supervice the movers of 4 truck loads composed of more than 100 servers, 30 workstations and belongings, about a dozen offices, and everything including the office fridge. Start racking servers […]

Public Service Announcement

The absolute frikking idiot (Idiocy here) using the LJ name of tigerwolf is NOT, I repeat, NOT the very, very cool TigerWolf we all know and love. From now on I will refer to the good TigerWolf as “TigerWolf” and the idiot using the name of tigerwolf as “that idiot.” TigerWolf has received all kinds […]

Paging Mr. Dumbass

You never do know it all with technology. It’s always nice to find when there is a difficult problem that someone has already solved it. I was grumbling at work about the cvs problems I had with the macrophile BB and one of my coworkers said “I think there’s an option to fix that.” After […]


This weekend was a decent one, if a bit slow. Got a lot of work done on the web forums: fixed a bug in the user-ignore code, fixed the badly colored ranks, added custom titles, and upgraded to v 2.0.8. Allright, a little geek: Once again I am really annoyed at the phpBB folks for […]

Good Friday.

It’s good friday. Tuning through the radio this morning the classic rock station played “Always Look on the Bright Side of life” from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian.” Certain movie theaters are planning on showing “The Life of Brian” and “The Passion of Christ” concurrently. I think life is quite good. People haven’t completely […]

All praise the mastermind!

Evil mastermind kitten .. er puppy … er .. thing.