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May 2004

Memorial Day

I had an urge toay to get out the baritone, blow out the dust and play taps in the morning. I don’t know why. Maybe out of respect. It’s grey and rainy. In some ways I like meorial days like that. I don’t think I live in a particularly military family. My father served, yes, […]

More on the Deer

Sue was doing visibly better today. I think it has to do with less need for dosing of Morphine. She’s recovering from her complications and the current hope is that further surgery will be unecessary. At the same time, it’s very rough to be bedridden with multiple tubes in your body. All of them iching […]

SusanDeer and more hospital news

As is often the way with these things, complications beget complications. As of yesterday (Friday) Sue went back into the hospital due to severe discomfort. It turns out that there are complications that will require her to be off of eating foods for a while as well as close medical attention. The current prospectus is […]

Work Ethic

Arthur Winston was at work this morning at 5 a.m. He has a job heading a crew of 11 people who clean busses in the Los Angeles bus yard. Sometimes I wonder if I should have took a blue-collar job and if I would have been happier doing the tech and art as a side […]

Ever felt that?

Ever felt like just screaming at the world to have it stop for a day or two so you could just rest a little and catch up? I know why folks will show up at work and gun people down. It has to do with people at work who just want another “little” thing done. […]

The Sue Report

In case an official post was never made, Sue is back home. Wolf and I dropped by and visited with her last night. She’s in good spirits and steadily getting better. Look to see her popping on in the usual places, though for short periods of time.

Yay! Back at work. No wait… It’s looking like Sue will get discharged today. She should be back home this evening. Yay! For the curious. If you would like to send flowers or cards or whatnot to Sue, contact me on the muck or via email at bennie@macrophile.com and I can get you the mailing […]

A Case of the Monday’s

First the Sue update: Sue is continuing to do wonderfully. She was up and walked 2 laps of the ward twice today. She’s doing so without the aid of a IV stand for support. Speaking of which, she is off constant IV. On top of all of that, today she was able to have solid […]


It’s really annoying when you write a nice, detailed post and then the web browser crashes and eats it. Anyway, Sue is staying in good spirits and is recovering well. She was up and took two walks today. A brief one to the corner of her hall and back, and a longer one around the […]

More updates

Sue is doing better today. She sat up and towards the end of the day got out of bed and in to a chair. She also got moved to a better room and is now off of morphine. These are all good milestones. I hope she keeps doing this well and keeps in good spirits. […]