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June 2004

It’s Friday!

It’s a good day today. why? Because it’s Friday of course. The morning news radio was preety bad. NPR/BBC was out in left field ranting about evil conservatives ending the world, so I kiced over to the talk radio. They were busily ranting about the evil liberals undermining stability in the world. So it went […]

The first MEME ever.

Usually I avoid the MEMEs as silly waste of time. However nyc_coyote quoted the standard questions from “In the Actor’s Studio” which I think are VERY insightful. Inside The Actor’s Studio fast questions: What turns you on? Intelligence. Creativity. Naturally Strong body types. In fantasy, transformations are wonderful. What turns you off? Arrogance. Self-centeredness. What […]

Simple pleasures….

How many of you do this? Coworker sighted in parking lot. Adjust car course to aim at coworker. Floor the gas pedal. I don’t know why but there is just something fun about aiming a car dead at a coworker and heading for collision. Maybe it’s just me 🙂

Crash Gordon

You may catch bits and pieces of this in other live journals. In some ways, I expect it will show up in Uncle Kage’s story hour too. You may recall me mentioning that we went to the Reading Air Show and met some folks. Well, props go to Gideon and Kage for keeping up the […]

Clothes Shopping and more

Yay. Shut down Anthrocon Pre-reg over the weekend. I would really like to keep it rolling right up to the week of the con, but at this point, there’s too much up in the air to be tempting badge-changes clear up to right before the con. That’s definitely something to slate for next year. Sometimes […]

Revival of purpose.

I think I’m tired of letting my carear guide what I do. Somewhere a while ago I gave up a lot of the media savvy and the music in what I did. I think I might want to push back to that again. I chatted with one of my old professors a few weeks ago. […]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIDEON! AKA gideon_hoss You’re a cool friend and roomie. You are and deserve the best.


This is it. No more deadlines. No more second chances. If you want to go to Anthrocon and have not registered, you have a simple choice: Pre-register today and show up at the con. Lazily walk over to the pre-registration are and flash your id as you wave at all the cool folks who pre-registered […]

I splurged yesterday and bought a CD. I did so with a little prodding from Gideon. We dropped by the uber Barnes and Noble after dropping Sue off at her house and having a good dinner. I picked up “Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years” which seems to be a really good collection of his […]

Reviving the computer zombies…

Have you ever heard of the technical term “Yak Shaving?” Yes. It’s an accurate technical term. I am sure you have all been on a Yak Shaiving project. It’s when, due to a series of initially apparent unconnected events, you end at least 3 layers away from your original task. Let me cite and example. […]