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July 2004

The all-day company meeting

The usal new post is over in branedrane. This one is a color-question to give the artist folks a chance against all the math stuff of late. Anyway… Yesterday with the big all-hands company meeting. In the past when we’ve had such meetings, historically it has been at a time when we have also fired […]

Brane Drane

Rather than spam my journal with daily puzzles and quizzes, I’ve created a community for it. Today’s puzzle can be found here: branedrane Do folks like the idea of a seperate community?


So it’s the hump day in the week again. Tomorrow is the big day when we have a company wide meeting. Its a meeting where the various department heads will get up and talk about what everyone does so everyone knows. I’ve seen the scedule printed out on the printer. It’s the usual deal of […]

Brane Drane

This morning is a double whammy. One puzzle is quite simple and the other is quite difficult. I was chatting with my good friend Triggur (triggur) about recent things. He has a sharp sense of humor and occasionally is mischevious with folks. We were visiting a local corral. A melty-eatbeast toursit had also stopped by […]

Bran Drane

Now for today, another classic. This might have made it into Encyclopedia Brown at one point. I can’t recall. My dear friend, Dr. Samuel Conway (unclekage) was at his job performing tests on pesticides for the EPA. He had to test a certain sample’s flamibility by measuring how long it would take to burn to […]

Brane Drane

Monday has me a little busy at work, so it’s technically not a morning posting, but I hope folks have a lot of fun with it anyway. It’s another classic puzzle: I’ve got three box-tops on my desk. They are labelled BB, BW, and WW. Under each box there are two marbles. The labels indicated […]

This is disturbing on so many levels: http://yerf.com/jonas/anubisfetch.gif It’s a good puppy god!

This morning’s brane drane.

Shaterri provided this one: My mother has decided that she likes flying ornamental flags; she’s got a really nice row of ten little flagpoles set up on the outside of their house, and a bunch of pretty decorative flags to hang on them, solid blue and solid white. She wants to switch up the flags […]

What an odd comapny.

Our company sent out a bunch of postcards when we moved. We sent them to all of our contacts and customers to let them know we’ve moved and what our new address is. The kind of thing that folks will hang on to for a good while as easy reference on how to contact us. […]

More Brain Tease

I was really surprised how quickly I got the answer to yesterday’s brain tease. Also, there were some relatively bright comments posted on the one before that noting that there were infinite solutions if you didn’t mind walking small circles around the south poll. Damn all the smart folks. I digress. This one is another […]