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August 2004

Monday Morning

Holy smokes. Who knew that my parody tour of the basement would end up with nearly 30 comments. That was completely unexpected. I guess it goes to show that a good joke can be stretched for quite a while without being run into the ground. Come to think of it, that was the principle on […]

Friends since they were little, or did someone bring their own lunch? You decide!


Welcome to the kitchen. triggur had a very nice and fun tour of his very new and quite refined basement now that the majority of renovations have been completed. Trig has quite a natch for class and style. Having such a wonderful online tour available made it simply impossible to not have one for myself. […]

A weird collision of meories.

I’ve only lived in Philly a few years. I’m a little odd in that respect from most of my friends who have lived in and around the tri-state area for most of their lives. The odd thing is that I have two childhood memories associated with the area. Back in the late 80’s my folks […]


Happy Birthday astor_apatosaur! I think that got some folks attention 🙂 Happy birthday, ya knucklehead. May all of your wishes and dreams come true. And hopefully that includes a good car, a good job, wine, women and song.

For those who read Doemain of Our Own…

I don’t know if many of you saw Sue’s livejournal post about it, but apparently her soon-to-be ex-husband has decided to lock her out of her account on doemain.com. As the lawyers straighten everything else, a copy of the site has been rebuilt over on one of my servers and new updates will occur there […]


Man. LJ is stretching for it. A post about teeth. Actually, this comes as a bit of a surprise to me. I’ve discovered something joyful. It’s called mouthwash. How come no one ever told me of this stuff? It was one of those cleanlieness habits that seemed a bit on the side of neurotic and […]


The “Good Music Station,” WGMS of Washington DC is playing the Chicago Symphony’s version of the 1812 Overture right now. Damn I miss this radio station. It’s a non-NPR and commercially successful classical station. And it’s good. I missed it dearly when I moved from DC. But isn’t the internet a grand thing? www.wgms.com will […]


Yeah. I know. Another rant. What will the folks of LJ ever do, eh? This one is a bit more personal. susandeer, the creator of a doemain of our own, is going through a divorce. Since her strip is semi-autobiographical and her husband was a featured character she is tacking the very difficult problem of […]

Catching up on time…

It has been a very interesting week or two. In some ways my ability to post here has been trimmed or limited. Work is being … interesting. It’s very odd to see a business on the cusp of fabulous success (by far the furthest I have ever been on-board with a start-up) and at the […]