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September 2004

Da Big Green Roo

I’ve been sitting here trying to remember when and how I first ran into duncanroo and I think I remember. It was at an convention, likely PhilCon or such that I was attending. It may have been the first Anthrocon. I was hanging out at Ken Sample’s table and this guy bounces by and is […]


Ya know, the other day I posted a humorous rant that was generally pointed at people who pester technical folks for help with their computers. It’s a natural thing to ask folks around who you are familiar with a topic. Tech people are not at all above this. I realized the other day that when […]

Pennsylvania Hurricanes

I remember going through hurricanes in South Carolina, Virginia Beach and North Carolina. They aren’t fun. It’s hours and hours of heavy storms surrpounded by power outages, damp and wet weather to either side. You’re hot, tired, dirty, hungry and generally uncomfortable for quite a while. Being prepared helps, lamps, radios, a generator, a good […]

Weekend: Slow or Wasted?

New stuff in branedrane So what did I spend this weekend doing? It feels like much of nothing. I created a few development websites on my home machine and downloaded the bulletin board code to fiddle with desgins for next years Anthrocon as well as some consulting work. I got a little sidetrackd that the […]

Election Year

I live about 12 miles north of the Willow Grove Joint Reserve Naval Air Station. Or so I think the name is. If I remember the history of the place correctly it was a Bell Helicopter plant that became a base during World War II. I know that one of 7 existant, and the only […]


Who doesn’t want one for their office? A bubbling red-glowing brain in a mad-scientist contraption? http://www.drkarlosi.com/

Mea Culpa

Yesterday’s post about classical music learning was supposed to be a spoof post. Specifically, it was suppposed to be a joke to entice you to click on a link. The humor bit was in the middle of the tune where the two counter-point lines line up to say something a little inappropriate, but I digress. […]

Palatable vocal music.

Recently I had a discussion with triggur about his interaction and reactions to the various orchestral performances he attends. Particularly that the content of some performances pretty much “sounds the same” since he’s not as versed in the subject. As with all genres of art one often needs transitional works to help educate and understand […]

Dear Villanova

Dear Villanova University, When you hold football games in your historic stadium, built in 1928, covered in brickwork and ivy and looking as a historic university should, you should NOT be playing bad selections of rap music as the incedental music. And especially not on overpowered announcing speakers cranked to near distortion and painful levels. […]

Music sounds I like: – A good, tight, round bass. Solid on the beat. No finger noise. – A bass clarinet lick that ends in the high clarino in tight harmony with the section – A bass trombone player trying to “peel the paint” and ripping through a good line – A cheap beat-up tuba […]