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November 2004


Yup. I heard about the local news article about the Adams Mark closing in January. Nope, I don’t know if it is all true. Nope, I don’t know how the new owner will honor their contract with us. Yes, you should still send your dealers application in. Yes, there will still be a con. I’ll […]

The con will come out …Tomorrow .. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow… they’ll be con.

For those kind folks who want to be in the dealers room at Anthrocon this year, this is to remind you that tomorrow, December 1st is the first day you can send dealers packets in to get in line and get your table, etc. Also, good ole’ Murphy has raised his head. The packets all […]

Were you curious?

Some of my friends consider me well versed in religion. I’m not really. I attended church here and there as a kid, and have a good grasp of history and know some of the good stories. I also studied other religions in college and am interested by things such as shamanism and a few other […]

How to know you might be from the south:

Ya think?

The Journey Home

A lot of folks head home for Thanksgiving. I’m one of those folks. I drove some 12 hours to get home. And it was an actual journey, crossing some 5 states and nearly entering international waters on a bridge. (As opposed to one of those perverse states like Texas, California, or Florida — where you […]

A whole bunch of driving.

So thanksgiving snuck up on me again. I hate it when a holiday does that. I usually want to be ready to be bouncy and happy and ready to help brighten other folks’ holidays. I guess having one sneak up on me isn’t too bad.


Usually I don’t post much about the details of AC or the cons I work for. Or at least I don’t think I do. The vast majority of details and such get swept aside as either boring or merely unecessarily worrisome to folks. Working for the con is kinda like painting detail on a large […]

Tactful? Probably not.

You know you’re not a small company anymore when you have to write tactful emails without telling someone they are doing something durn near illegal:

Any stock experts?

I’m working for a privately held company. I have stock options in said company. They have never issued a prospectus or anything of that sort. I suspect (and have good verbal confirmation) that in preparation of a buyout by VC they have doubled the available stock pool to entice folks. This, of course, causes my […]


Man I hate being in a funk like this. Since about mid-week last week I’ve just generally been restless and unable to really concentrate on anything at work and in some ways, at home too. This happened to me once before, when I was working at DCI. I sure hope what happened there doesn’t happen […]