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December 2004

Jerez must feed upon your soul.

How come I can’t get a newspaper to print me when I write about stuff I don’t know or research?

xydexx included a link to an article where the author is complaining about the “loss of Christ in Christmas.” And it even closes with the wonderful hook quote: “If you don’t believe in Christ, then make yourself a new holiday and let us have ours. You can call yours, Happy Materialism Day. Don’t take Christ […]

Stupid script kiddies. Respect the OS you’re writing for.

for file in `find -name “*.php”`; do cp $file $file.orig; cat $file.orig | tr -d “^M” > $file; echo $file; done;

But do you have to take it for a walk…

SusanDeer whispers, “Your clarinet is ready for pick up from DeVoe’s” to you. You say, “Yay!” You say, “My clarinet is ready to come back from the instrument-vet!” You say, “Now Sue, we’ll need to put the new clarinet in one room and close the door so the old-one can get used to the new-one’s […]

Christmas is .. was ..

A moonlit midnight walk on the beach. Way too many presents under the tree. A warm fire, a soft blanket, and someone to snuggle when it’s turned cold. Sitting in the 55-year-old BBQ joint “Flips BBQ” next to the stuffed bear and across from the mounted deer butt when Stairway to Heaven comes on the […]

Cougr Christmas!

For those of you who missed the first post or the followup, I’ve been taking a collection to replace Ken Cougr’s broken laptop. The short summary is Ken and his roommates are strapped for cash. It’s been a rough year. And to top it all off, his laptop, on which he does most of his […]

Day of work before christmas.

Man. I have been lax about updating. Not that I think most folks care about my day-to-day activites. Personally I think folks read my LJ to see things like a girl bathing in cheetos or that the house from A Christmas Story is up on Ebay. (Links from Preyfar and Xydexx respectively) So it’s cold […]

I’m posting this in the King of Prussia Apple store. All the wonderful toys…. *sob*


(Wonderful art by Cerberus)


To quote mrbearguy: Pong is so philosophical. So it’s been raining for the last week solid. A dull, grey misty, wet, cold day. It seems that this time of year the weather from the Cascades gets bored, leaves Seattle, and decides to visit Philly for a week. Most folks never look forward to freezing weather. […]