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December 2004

Last call for the cougar man!

For those who missed the original post we’re winding down on our fund drive for the cougar. In short, Ken (pictured on the left) has been through some tough times which was recently cappped off by the death of his laptop. It’s shut him down creatively and right now he’s not figuring he will be […]

Startup Success or Christmas?

I like Christmas. Not for any of the greedier or holier reasons than more for the opportunity to express friendship and love. I try to find good gifts for folks and there is nothing better than when you know you have a great gift. Some of the best gifts can be surprising at being cheap, […]

It’s been confirmed by distinguished Bristish scientists in Britain’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents: Christmas parties are hazardous to your health. Which leads me to wonder how one gets funding for such studies. And does the Royal Scoiety give extra precedent for Royal accidents? Anyway, AC reg got opened last night and 20 […]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

And the servers at Yahoo melt: http://movies.yahoo.com/movies/feature/charlieandthechocolatefactory.html The Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka now has a trailer.

Catching up.

Happy belated birthday to teaselbone and brahma_minotaur! Both of those folks were born on Dec 7th. Too many things seem to be going on at once. Both with work and with fun stuff. AC is going to launch tonight. I’m sure that will be a fun headache or three. For those who read my post […]


We got a hotel for Anthrocon. We got it on the same night. (You can keep your vacation days and airplane tickets.) We also got it for the same price. ($106/night) It’s a nicer hotel. It’s down in the city near everything. The downside is the function space is a little tighter. Both hotel room […]


Operation: Christmas for the Cougar is a little over halfway to it’s goal. Thank you very much to all the folks who have given so far. Please, even if you can paypal or send a small amount, do so. It’ll make a wonderful Christmas for him. For those who have asked, I’ll scan the card […]

pocket_entropy of Arty and Vinci and susandeer of Domain of our own have been teasing each other back and forth with silliness on Vinci’s development-sketch community of cakepieces. The teasing centered around Vinci as Grinchi and later as Suedeer as SueDearLou Who. I got caught in the crossfire of silliness in one of the cutest […]

Working on making a good christmas for the cougar.

Some of you folks may be familiar with this. (It was posted over on the macro BB) However, I know not everyone reads that site, so this is for all the other folks: Some folks may or may not know this guy, an artist kicking around the fandom. He’s a good friend and a wonderful […]

Haven’t a clue.

I have the family history worthy of the european mutt that I am. I know I can point to history in England, France, Scottland, and Germany, but one normally has to trapse 6 generations back or so to get to it. It’s interesting when you find occasional things from the far past in your familys […]