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January 2005

Surprising music…

Wolf caught this playing on my mix in the car. More specifically he caught about the last half-minute of it, but recognized it instantly. The Unforgiven (2.1 M) That’s right. It’s a cello quartet. And they’re playing Metallica. You know you want to click it. You have to. Go on. It couldn’t hurt your mind. […]

A Joyful Noise

I was very very lucky to received the bestest Christmas present eVAR!!! Dear, dear susandeer got me a brand new clarinet with help and subterfugue from unclekage and gideon_hoss. It’s the nice top-line R-13 model from Buffet. It has all the bells and whistles including the alternate keys, adjustable thumb rest, and solid silver keys […]


Dual 3.6 Gig CPU, Dual flat panels, 1 GB RAM, DVD drive. Work must be trying to bribe me by upgrading my computer to this. I think it’s working.

Hard work.

It’s tough to play bad intentionally. If you’ve been trained to play properly it’s really really tough to intentionally sound bad. Especially in a way that sounds like you really lack talent: They worked hard at it. 2.5 MB Having the singer end on the 7th, instead of the octave a touch of true beauty.

Sunday at FC

I suppose I should finish up the con report. It seems I do too many things half-way and never get done. Bleh. Sunday at the con was probably the most “awake” day for me. Having been so blasted tired the previous two days I was really running in robot mode until the great Saturday night […]

More FC Summary

Man. I hate it when I get stuff messed up. These cons turn into a blur and you get stuff out of order. One of these days I’m going to take notes at the con to remember all the thankyous. First of all, the unparalleled drleo was our roomate at the con. And he also […]

More FC!

Yet more of the usual FC followup: I forgot to add one tidbit from Thursday. Though we were unable to make our flights in Denver, apparently our luggage was able to. I’m still not sure how that worked, but our luggage beat us to San Jose by several hours. So when folks talk about the […]

FC summary – Thursday!

Well. I suppose that I should get around to posting about FC since everyone else is doing the same. As with most cons, the best aspect is getting a chnace to meet and hang with the people. At least, that’s always been my opinion. I’ve been to some fairly cruddily run cons that were just […]

Quick update.

In transit back from FC. Will post a full dump about it later. I started to post about it here, but it got too incoherant. Just like this past Christmas, someone decided to have fun with a php exploit and this time did some damage to my BB while I was at FC. Kagur gave […]

A confession!

Scarcely a few days in my war against he-whom-knows-not-I-am-at-war-with-him, the_gneech, I must surrender. While I was ready with a war of continued attrition and perceived battles, the white towel must be thrown and surrender is at hand. It was not that I couldn’t break his countenance of addictive music or his good comic strips of […]