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February 2005

Bad Karma or Good?

Three days ago I noticed that someone was parking in the handicapped spots. They parked right on the edge, next to the legit spaces so it would be hard to notice. I don’t know how long he’s been doing that. It is rather subtle. I say “his” because I peeked in the passanger window and […]

Random moments from childhood.

Charlie Brown told me that you can’t bend a cracker. Dad showed me you could.

Orchestra concert this weekend

The Bucks County Symphony Orchestra will be having their winter concert on Sunday February 20 at 3pm in the auditorium of Central Bucks High School East. The guest artist performance will feature Natalie Zhu on piano performing Chopin’s Piano Concerto No 1. The orchestra focused works are Beethoven’s Overture to Creatures of Prometheus, Wagner’s Overture […]

Would you look at that…

athelind pointer over to jordangreywolf‘s LJ that had a very disturbing image. Check out the My Little Pony named DEATH!

Speedometer yesterday: 171717 Check writted a month ago: 1111 Does anyone else get fascinated or notice such things? I mean, I find myself driving and actually calculating the next time I might have a pallindrome on my speedometer. I remember seeing a special as a kid about a certain kind of mental disorder where people […]

I think it’s far enough away from FC now.

Right after FC, half of LJ seemed to be posting about the good or bad time they had at FC and the other half of LJ seemed to be either angsting over these posts or plugging their ears and posting “Lalalalala!” to compete. So I held off on posting about this, so it could stand […]


Linux is a funny thing. It’s kinda like buying a kit-car. The plans and the parts are cheap, but if something gets an odd problem, it can drive you mad ferreting it out. This is the first time I’ve worked with a truly co-located box. Access to the console isn’t available so it is purely […]

For Sue…

roses are #FF0000 violets are #0000FF all my base are belong to you


Counts by type: Golden Dollars : 0006 Quarters : 2063 Dimes : 2239 Nickels : 1304 Pennies : 6324 I had guessed it would be $525. I was wrong like everyone else. The closest in the guessing was triggur who guessed $657. Even bring only mostly-full, it turned out to be $874.10. That even includes […]

Goal for lunchtime

I need to get to the bank and turn this into something usable for the paying of debts. Any guesses as to how much is in there? That’s about 3 gallons of change. So far gideon_hoss guessed $5 (he must be trying to underbid the showcase) and my coworker Frank finally guessed $424.93 after switching […]