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March 2005

What the F*** is that?!

Night Train (3.8M MP3) Occasionally you come across something really just unexplainable in music. Yes. This is a recording of Night Train at a decent slow tempo. Yes, those are bassoons you hear; and a drum set. The bass instrument might puzzle some people, but it’s just an overdubbed contrabassoon. But the truly dazzling question […]

Spring … Life … again

The winter is slowly losing it’s grip. It doesn’t want to. It keeps fighting hard with rainy and wet days. But we had a taste of summer last week. And it’s warm and sunny again today. The trees are still bare boned. But the grass is green. This winter has been hard. I miss the […]


So there’s been a lot of noise around here recently about the proposed smoking ban in all bars and restaurants in Philadelphia. Not wanting to be outdone, New Jersey is considering a state-wide ban of smoking that some proponents are pushing to include the casinos in Atlantic City. There’s the usual rallying cries of “lost […]

Golden Throats.

A lot of folks who tend to have samples of bad music often know about the Golden Throats series from Rhino records. It is a mirthful collection of many celebrities singing covers of pop tunes. It is mirthful because it specializes in those prime examples of celebrities who are wholly unburdened by any actual musical […]

Bucks County Symphony Orchestra

Some folks have been to these before, but others might be interested, so I’ll go over it. The Bucks County Symphony Orchestra is having it’s annual Pops Concert this coming weekend. The Pops Concert is usually lighter music, and we have a guest artist. They are held at the Delaware Valley College in the community […]


Things you never want to hear while in a dentist chair: “Wow. That’s a tremendous amount of decay.” Apparently one of three fillings that needed to be replaced had opened up just right or for a long enough amount of time that most of the interior of the tooth was just plain shot. They patched […]


I’ve been taking a few days vacation to try and combat the winter doldroms and just generally recover. I’ve had a chance to straighten some stuff in the house out and work on improving the situatrion here. Ever since the fire I’ve just kinda been living with hand-me-downs and whatever I could throw together. I’m […]

For those of you who are curious or may have heard the rumors, yup, I’m working with triggur on a really cool project. Ask me about it and I can fill you in if your curious. Or, hopefully in a bit you’ll see details here 🙂


More from the same album of flashback and trippy pain: Music to Watch Space Girls By (2.3 meg MP3) Not bad for something borrowed from a Diet Pepsi commerical.

Happy B’day sephebonblade and tchall! You’re both great folks and I wish you well.