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May 2005

2.5 acres later…

The mower was brought back into comission. A new wheel replacing the bend up guide wheel from last season. Astor was helpful and got the push mower running again with the aid of some starter fluid and a refresh of gas. With further wonderful help from Astor and Vulp, I got the 2.5 acres of […]


So I now have three different flavors of compilers on the linux box I am working on and am playing with the optimization flags for them. What ever happened to being a music major? 🙂 Oh well. Sometimes in life you hit -Wall and just have to move on.


Think it’ll make it on to Kitten Break? Or are there about to be broke kittens in that picture? I can’t quite tell. It could be a fun pic to caption. “Tom hoped the other kittens wouldn’t get suspicious and ask of he’d been using steroids.”


the_gneech got the scoop that Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice of Tony the Tiger, died at 91. You might know him from singing “You’re a mean one, Mr Grinch” or voicing parts in “Cinderella,” “Dumbo” and Lady and the Tramp.” Heck, he’s been a major voice part of Disneyland since it opened with voices in the […]

Cello! Now available in 7 different flavors.

So last weekend was the final concert for the Bucks County Symphony Orchestra. Due to an interesting schedule this year, the Spring concert was after the pops concert. It felt a bit out of order. I play the Bass Clarinet in the Orchestra, but as happens on occasion, there were no pieces calling for my […]


Before I start giving away things of freecycle.org, I figured I should give my friends a crack at it first. The following items I would like to get rid of and they are to whomever wants them. A 3’x3’x1.75′ plain white corner-table or coffee-table. It works very well in the corner of an area where […]

Forgot Milk?

I’m very sorry for this. It just had to be done: Yes, I found it. No, it was not mine. Eww.


I live in an old farmhouse. One with a natural stone basement, and creaky floors and old foundations. It’s also in the middle of 2 acres of grass, brush and trees. We get bugs here. You really can’t avoid it. Thanks to the natural stone foundation sometimes it seems like we’re over-run with house centipedes, […]

BEST DRUM SOLO EVAR: http://www.milkandcookies.com/links/29337/

Hobby kits.

Some folks can be really dedicated: You know, my mind is weird. When I was a younger kid I think I remember that there was some sort of Count-Chocula-cereal related promo with a big purple werewolf chasing them or something. A year or two ago when I looked up things in google I found mentions […]