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June 2005

Anthrocon Reg Churning Away

More than 1600 people have pre-registered for Anthrocon. Unfortunately, more than 500 of them decided to register in the last week. Here are the paper receipts on the way out: For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Conway actually handles the paper part of reg. Those receipts are genuine Kagemushi collectables. As for now, […]

My machine is full of internets.

It appears that a hard-drive oops was the cause. The machine up and running again about 15 mins after midnight EST US.

Machine Trouble

For those of you who check in on bandarimuck.org, domain.com, macrophile.com, pumapaw.com and others, the underlying machine is currently experiencing technical trouble. I’m working with the colocation facility to resolve it as quickly as possible.

The Anthrocon Schedule

The Anthrocon Schedule is posted!

Whee! Yet another meme.

The one question with smiley faces seemed messed up on my screen. I wonder if that effects things any. Ah well.

From the “don’t believe everything you hear” department.

Sometimes I really do not believe the rumors that you hear. The Wyndham of Philadelphia is not on fire. No, the con is not cancelled. Considering I have friends who work in the GSK building attached to the Wyndham: #1) I have a third party beyond the front desk to verify this, and incedentally it […]

116 AC reg emails and working towards zero

Email at 10:42pm: “I’d like to change my badgename from ‘Fluffy Kitty Samplefur’ to ‘Fluffly Samplefur Kitty’ Email at 9:30am the next morning. “Hey! I don’t want to bother but have you gotten to my badge name change?” *facepaw*

Still a chance for AC reg.

Due to populat demand we’re extending the dealine on Anthrocon pre-registration. Apparently cutting out on a Wednesday cofused some folks and keept a few other folks against a wall before their Friday paycheck. Consequently, you have until Noon (EST US) on Saturday Jun 18 to register. You really, really want to do it. Being stuck […]

Frikking set of a Disney movie…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, living in the “Big House” with my roomates is like living in the middle of a Disney set. We’re in the middle of about 2.5 acres of grass, trees, hedges and brush that comprise what used to be the center of a very large farm. In […]

Time are a ‘changing.

A nice big old Sun blue-and grey monitor with the compact (not the individual BNC RGB) connector. In the local thrift store. $5 IIRC. Time’s are a changin’ all right. I ran to the thrift store over lunch to find a temporary chair. I’m over working in susandeer‘s apartment today and we were short on […]