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July 2005

More Friendscycle

Up for grabs… A pair of high-quality, sized 10 1/2 medium, tan, soft leather, “ass kicking” cowboy boots. They go to the thrift store if no one wants them.

Happy Birthday, kutztowndragon Closer to the quarter-century mark. The hand of death is upon you.

So I woke up this morning.

And as I got out of bed I was wondering… why doesn’t the whole world smell like snot? Am I the only person who has these kinds of thoughts?

Hey Moon!

This post is locked just to moonstalker What’s the easiest way to get ahold of you for chatting or messages or whatnot? You don’t seem to be on the muck at all. Do you do AIM or just email or whatnot? I have a message I’d like to pass on to you and such 🙂

Hey Mark.

This post is locked only to you as gideon_hoss. TJ’s phone was returned to the local UPS store. They say the address given also needs an apartment number for delivery and are waiting to hear back from your or me ASAP. I looked up the address you gave me for him for Anthrocon and it’s […]

vodka + caffeine = breakfast

I found this monster on martiniart.com. It sounds deadly: Wake Up Joe! coffee martini A wonderful coffee martini. MartiniGuy has another vice (besides martini experimentation), and that is caffeine. Take the time to make this martini, and you’ll be on the dance floor for hours. Ingredients 2 bottles of Water Joe caffeinated water. 7 ounces […]

Happy Birthday xydexx Pn0y Pr0nkings a plenty!

Warning: Vicious Attack Dog.

This is what happens when it runs out of yaps?


So during the course of AC, we had a few guests here and there. Just some fun notes from the post con foodage: 40 eggs 4.5 lbs of bacon 20+ pancakes 4 pots of coffee 8 cases of soda 10+ liters of liquor The house has been building up into a worse and worse mess […]


Is it me, or does the dog look worried?