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August 2005

Sucesses and failures.

Life’s got only so many successes and failures lined up for you. The real goal is to enjoy the successes, even if they are small, and ignore the failures. Thanks to a lot of help from mamalammadevil in finding the right part number and a provider right here in town for it, I now have […]

Checking out the clubs

Is anyone here familiar with the dance clubs in Philly or NYC? Do you have any favorite joints? And places that are worth checking out? Anything to avoid? I’ve got to do a little local exploring and am looking for folks who know the places or maybe work in them for an inside track on […]

Dear New Orleans… I’m glad I got to see you…

New Orleans is a musical city. It is home of the Jazz I love. If money and work was not an object, I would reisde there. (At least until the heat chased me North in the summertime) The french quarter and all of New Orleans is both 100% surrounded by water and is also below […]

Wow… some things sneak up on you

Happy Birthday, cashew_lou!!!


So I unplug and move the dryer to a place where I can work on it. I figured the belt snapped on it and after going through reverse-tetris to find the proper way to get to the dryer engine (take off the top, then unbolt the front, slide off the front and then lift out […]

Chores and such.

First off, this post is just locked to the roomates at the big house. (me, gideon_hoss and vulpkinov) I figured I could outline stuff here since we all seem to keep odd schedules and don’t often end up talking as a group. In the past I’ve grumbled about house chores and such, and here and […]

Random questions

Swiped from tugrik who swiped from mamallamadevil:

Though he’s probably still asleep from chasing the moon…

Happy Birthday, moonstalker!!!

Prepare the birthday spankings!

Happy Hatch-day, astor_apatosaur!!

Excessive Cutrinos.

More kittens to go on kittenbreak.com! Click on the thumbnails for the full sized pictures: