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September 2005

Happy Birthday, duncanroo! The big roo is one of the coolest folks I know. *chuckles and drops a box in the mail to him*


It’s that time again. I just dumped another pile of mew on Kitten Break for everyone’s enjoyment. It’s an attack of the cuteness!

DivX is free today.

In celebration of their fifth anniversary, DivX is giving away their encoder for free: http://www.divx.com/anniversaryoffer/ Today only. And it’s a full version of the software.

MEME: Things stolen and lost

God help me, I started a meme: We’re all composed of a great many things around us. We’re effected by our job, our friends, our stuff, our live journals and countless other things. What’s interesting is sometimes the things that have been taken from us, which can effect us just as well. What has been […]

“The furries will love this…”

So I usually watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. It’s the Sunday night line-up of new episodes of their shows. They’ve recently started a new series called Stroker and Hoop. It’s a take-oof/parody of the PI 70s crime genre. Two bumbling detectives and a talking car. And it’s funny as hell with off-the-wall plots. So […]

Foxes Are EVIL!

Fun for folks

One for the_gneech who often has “lost word” definitions in his LJ for words like “dursent.” Here’s a modern new word that I think everyone should put into their conversations today: Snarge is the remains of a bird or animal that has hit an aircraft in midflight. Apparently not content with discribing it as “bloody […]

Report from the “things to sell” and “things to fix” department.

The alto clarinet arrived at its new home down in Madison, Alabama today. Hopefully the new owner likes it. It went for $400. The rover air filter went for a notch over $50. I’m surprised I only got bids from rover folks. Maybe when I post the other one I should mention to folks it’s […]

House Stuff

The new chores for the week are on the side of the fridge. None of us finished our chores from last week. I almost got mine done, but the mower died. I’m calling around for repair for that now. So how are we going to handle that? If folks aren’t going to do their chores […]

Frustration time. Whee.

Ever have one of those days when absolutely nothing seems to go right? Yeah. I had one of them yesterday. I was going to LJ about it at the end of the day and I got frustrated about how to word it and just gave up. Man, I hate Sunday evenings. So it looks like […]