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October 2005

Monthly Bills and stuff.

I’ve been tracking and paying bills remotely. For the Month of November, the totals are as follows: Bennie: $605.17 Gideon: $486.12 Vulp: $586.65 Full details can be viewed (in PDF) here. As always, individual bills can be reviewed and in the notebook in the computer room. I’ll be back this Saturday, so you can get […]

Dressin’ Up!

So as folks may or may not know, I’m out visiting triggur on business. The trip happened to fall across Halloween. Trig and his SO had long-ago made plans to go to a party hosted by some of their close friends in Boulder. And they were insistent that I go to. Trig and his SO […]

Sumus quo sumus

So last night was a milestone. We placed our first prototype into our first customer location. The software and hardware are now at a saleable point. There are still features to add, but with an upgrade system, we should be set. Now is trying to time the manual to print with the proper isntructions and […]

Some dogs just aren’t a fan of cute…

Today’s lesson in yakshaving…

I’ve mentioned yak-shaving before. It’s a euphamism I’ve heard for when, due to mostly logical events, you end up spending time on a task that seems absolutely unrelated to your goal. Today was a good dose of yak-shaving. I’m sorry if it’s a bit geeky, but that is sometimes my day. Goal: Get upgrade portion […]

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

So down off of Times square in NYC there’s a show running in a theater sitting between Phantom of the Opera and the revival of Fiddler on the Roof. That show is Spam-a-lot. And I got to see it. Spam-a-lot has only been on broadway for a bit. It is a stage show, written by […]

Round 1

triggur: 3 bigtig: 0 2 points for a blitz-fast crop-dust and thrown-blame in the grocery store. 1 point for low-grade trapped-in-car death gassing. Will the home team make a come back? I dunno.

Travel Details

This is restricted to close folks who need the details: Frontier Airlines record locator: LROBGG Orbitz record locator: PK77R6R4 Airline ticket number(s): 4221281963011 Thursday, October 20, 2005 Frontier Airlines # 447 Departure (PHL): October 20, 8:45 AM EDT (morning) Arrival (DEN): October 20, 11:00 AM MDT (morning) ——————————– Saturday, November 5, 2005 Frontier Airlines # […]

Travel again

I will be out in Colorado again from Oct 20 through Nov 5. I should be reachable online, etc.

I suck at estimates.

It’s become more and more obvious over the last few months that I am not good at long term estimates of time. My previous job was about nothing but deadlines. We had to quote times constantly and they had large money values attached to them. But in many cases, though I was assgined multiple layers […]