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November 2005

Harry potter discussions can get out of hand.

(Just for reference, Tailen is a cheetah.) Bennie waves a wand at Tailen. “UNSPOTTUS!” Tailen *fwoom!* Tailen chirrups, “HEY!” ( The spots clatter to the floor and scurry away like bugs ) SusanDeer eeeeks! And scrambles up on Bennie! SusanDeer picks up Tailen and starts fwumping the bugs with him! *WHAMWHAMWHAM* Tailen…ow.

*double sigh*

When my apartment burnt down, I set aside a good chunk of the insurance money to purchase my Bass Clarinet. I had limped along for years on borrowed instruments or half-dead used ones. Finally, I had the chance and I spent money to buy a good one. With proper care, this instrument will likely last […]

I never really was expecting to find this sentence on the internet: “I am a pretty pony who can fly by farting rainbows and speaking in ancient Hebrew.” Well. There you have it.


So everyone seems to be annoyed a parallel parking. If it’s not something you do on a taily basis, it’s an annoying task at best. Near a friends house of mine there is an added obstacle. Like many downtown areas, they have a strip of metal embedded in the outer lip of the crub to […]


I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, that’s for durn sure. But I really do like Thanksgiving. It’s about the only holiday that hasn’t been overly commercialized. We don’t buy thanksgiving presents. It hasn’t been moved to a Monday for a long weekend. We don’t send cards. We really don’t have big sales in […]

gideon_hoss makes damned good french-style omlettes. Sauteed chicken, peppers, onions and cheese. That is all.

A small announcement

It is very likely that sometime in the next few months, I will make this trip. And stay there. It is looking very good that I will be moving from Pennsylvania to Colorado. I’ve moved a few times before. It’s never easy. There are still a lot of things I want to do. I’ll be […]



Progressive back pain is annoying as hell. Though the combination of spending time on a plane, hiking, programming at a bar stool and sleeping in a strage bed for a few weeks caused me to pull my lower back. Or at least pissing it off. Over the last two weeks it has been getting worse. […]

Your moment of Zen.

Triggur burbles deeply, “I mean seriously. when a horse is done giving birth, you could use the sac as a veiny bed comforter.”