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December 2005

Chances are that in the mid to late 1930’s or early 1940’s, a raw diamond was pulled out of the ground in a De Beers diamond mine in South Africa. Like the vast majority of such finds, it probably made it’s way by ship to Antwerp, Belgium. There’s a good chance that while the dark […]

Swamps, Crops, and Porches.

Jazz is a tough topic to address. It’s kinda like trying to talk about Anime. When you know it, it’s such a wide bucket as to get confusing. I like what is often referred to as “traditional” jazz. Which may include but is not limited to “dixieland” and “early blues.” Jazz started in New Orleans […]

Sousa said he composed his magnum opus on Christmas Day in 1896. He did so in honor of hearing of the recent death of David Blakely, then manager of the great Sousa Band. Only one recording was made under Sousa of the march, an Edison phonograph recording in 1909. It was played at nearly every […]


Blatantly snagged from iridium_wolf:

From the backwaters of NC…

There is a pungent scent of tidal flats at low tide. If you do not live near a brackish bay or swamp area I can’t really describe it to you. To me, it means home. And it’s a pleasant smell. Much along the same lines that horse manure can be described as a “pleasant” smell […]

Ever had a day where you just wanted to crawl back in bed and have everyone and everything just stop and leave you alone for like … a week?

Rigel and Xydexx

You know, the last time I visited rigelkitty and Xydexx, they ended up taking me out in the country where I was thrown onto an unlabelled bus, hauled out to a quiet area, and had my knee nearly broken with a rock. I knew I should have paid that guy quicker, but I did pay. […]

Caption this?

Scientists have learned that certain dog breeds, such as the German Shepard, can be used to detect demonic posession. In this case, “fluffy” is showing the typical pose indicating that the young, red-eyed child is corrupted by the spawn of satan.

This one’s for Triggur!


So folks want to put big fans on their CPUs to keep ’em cooler and make them run faster, right? I’m always worried about breaking the CPU die with the clip system. This guy, however, didn’t seem worried about well, … a LOT of things: