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January 2006

Umbrellas are TASTEY!


Like a lot of other kids, I watched the Challanger blow up. I suppose I could talk about my own personal experience, or how in the Congressional investigation it was found that the engineering team that built the boosters wanted the shuttle to not be launched, but they were over-ridden by their superiors. (Edward Tufte, […]


So one thrift store doesn’t accept electronics, and the other thrift store is “full up” on monitors at the moment. Anyone want a perfectly ok 15″ monitor or two before they hit the dumpster?

Ok… here’s hoping it’s locked right.

I think I’ve gotten this locked down to basically EVERYONE but Susandeer: Feel free to pass this on to folks as appropriate, but don’t spoil the surprise! Wed Feb 1 is Sue’s birthday. (As a gentleman, it would be wrong for me to tell you she will be 33.) In years past, Sue’s had it […]

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, herr Mozart!


Can you guess the relative age of the bidder that sent me this message concerning an auction? PLEASE I DON T WANT TO BID ALL THE TIME TELL ME THE PRICE YOU WANT FOR THIS ITEM TOTTAL.THANK YOU.STELIOS Sheesh.

Memory Lane

More boxes packed. More empty boxes burned. I got the fold-up sofa-mattress all tied up and ready to go off to trash. I got another super-big-bag of styrafoam, plastic and peanuts produced. 5 boxes and two baskets of stuff over at the apartment now. Whee. I wonder if I should drag a box of the […]

hehe…. totally 80’s

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8755653555 I think I got a bit silly with the description. Maybe it will sell, eh?

Free stuff

It looks like a fair pile of items will hit the thrift shop. If you need any misc computer parts such as keyboards, or cables, or braces and screws. Let me know. I’ve got a half dozen cases going out too. Two 15″ monitors. Older SVGA jobbies. Not super nice, but they work. One 15″ […]