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February 2006


For some reason there was a pause in them, but I just posted a new puzzle to branedrane. This one involves using hourglasses. This should be fun, it’s not quite mathemtaical, but more practical.


So I rebooked my flight out from Philadelphia a few hours earlier. Instead of leaving at 6pm and going direct, I opted for a 3:30 that went through Charolotte. I figured that since the storm was coming up from the south I could fly out before it got up here, fly over it and hit […]


Hurry hurry hurry. Pack and flurry. Nice of them to schedule a snow storm on my flight. Hrmm.

Tidbits of knowledge

There are things that you learn as you go through life. Simple things that stick with you as the pained memories to guide your actions. They may be simple things like “don’t try to pet the cat backwards” or more graphic things like “don’t try to catch a knife you dropped.” Today’s lesson: “Hold your […]

Fun fun fun…

More yak shaving… I just want to produce a DVD: – Boot up old machine, attempt to author DVD. – Not enough room on DVD? – Convert video to proper format (8 hours) – Attempt to author DVD, crash – Re-convert video to proper format (8 hours) – Attempt to author DVD, crash – All […]


iDVD is cute. Like most of the iApplications that you get for iFree with your iMac or iPowerbook. DVD Studio Pro, on the other hand, is a drop of god in a mac application. It offers the very robust actions available to author into DVDs in a fairly straightforward, logical and reliable interface. And it […]

Scalpel in THE EYE! – And Doemain!

For those of you who’ve caught the blogs and strips, Sue’s second eye operation was this morning. As with the last one this is a muscle tightening procedure. It’s going to put her out of commission as before, so for a week or so you won’t see much of her online and she’ll be rather […]

Thank you all so very much!

Well. A few days have now passed and the noise has all died down. I want to thank all the wonderful and kind people who stepped up and sent birthday thoughts, gifts, and drawings for Sue’s birthday! Before her birthday I avoided detailing all this because I didn’t think it would be appropriate. Even worse, […]


Is it toob?