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March 2006


This Saturday the BCSO will have it’s annual Pops concert. A Pops concert is a little more relaxed than your standard stuffy orchestra concert and features lighter and fun fare. Aside from the musical content (that I’ll cover in a moment), we do a special concert format. We set up the floor in round tables […]


“Churches are becoming political organizations…. It probably will not be long until the churches will divide as sharply upon political, as upon theological questions; and when that day comes, if there are not liberals enough to hold the balance of power, this Government will be destroyed. The liberty of man is not safe in the […]


So I went to music again tonight. I hadn’t really planned to. Since the work stepped up on Diamond Visuals stuff I had to take a sad raincheck with both the Band and the Orchestra. Sometimes things can surprise you, though.

lala laaa lala laaa…

joepieee.mp3 (2.4 M) I wonder if this could be mixed into a techno beat. It would only take a bit of a tempo upbeat and some breaks here and there. Scary. (For those who don’t know. It’s Belgian, and see: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8297574364836044520) (Oh yeah. It’s triggur‘s fault.)

Tons of stuff done…

Oh man. This weekend has been busy busy. We got more boxes moved. That’s good. We got a lot of boxes open and sorted, that’s better. The aparemtn is really starting to shape up. We got around to hanging up the old Seth Thomas clock up on the wall. That was a surprise. I found […]


Happiness is: Finding you can overhaul a brass horn with a toothbrush, some rubbing alcohol, and $0.78 worth of parts. Sadness is: Finding out all the work you did for a volunteer group is worthless because they duped it and didn’t get an email you sent.


The one-week sync and copy is DONE! We have DSL again! Yay!

Two rants in a row?

Yeah. But unlike the last rant, this one is not about techy computer stuff, so I hope it is more accessible to the general public: Yes, when playing new music, especially a custom arrangement, it’s good to keep an ear out for typographical errors (AKA – wrong notes) and ask questions. Yes, it makes good […]

God I so hate the “A” in ADSL.

ADSL is what the phone company sells you. It stands for Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Link or Asynchronous Dirtbag Shithole of a Line or Asynchronous OMGWTFBBQ-How-Much-Money-Can-We-Drain-From-You-For-Wanting-Broadband or whatever. The point of it all is that funny little word: Asynchronous. The digital line has only so much address space. It’s like a pipe and you can only […]