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April 2006

Stereo Moments

When I was a little tech-tig, Dad pulled a treasured item from his young and single days out of the garage to show us kids. My brother had recently gotten his first stereo and folks were thinking about that. Like most single guys, my dad may not have had much, but he had a decent […]

666, geeks, jocks, and kickball

So revar noticed a billboard on the way to work that mentioned the upcoming date of 6/6/06 in ominous tones. It’s probably just an ad for the upcoming remake of “The Omen” to be released on that date, but it left me thinking about the number 666 and how over the years folks have been […]

Elvira to set up relaity show for contestants to take over the Elvira job. Contestants will have to endure horror parody tests based on current reality shows. http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/04/17/showbuzz/index.html#3


A touch of the frippery.

I have no posibble explanation for today’s music selection other than to describe it. It is a jazz arrangement of the Sailor’s Hornpipe, (AKA The “Popeye” theme) for a quartet of bassoons, (yes, the long things with the double reed and curved neck that look like they came from the Cantina band in Star Wars) […]


I love that the test details between different groupings in the parties. That is a wonderful thing to see. It’s interesting that I scored Old School Dem, Green, and Libertarian within 10% of each other. And not a single percent for the hard core republican. Hrmmm. You scored as Old School Democrat. Old school Democrats […]


I like linux a lot. I guess I’m somwhere in the “advocate” category but not the “zealot” category. I think it is an excellent tool and handy for solving a lot of problems. That being said, I don’t think it’s perfect for all things. Unfortunately, zealotry often accompanies a whole host of ego problems that […]

Yay. Car broke down. In rural Pennsylvania. On a rainy and damp day. With poor cell phone coverage. And a cell phone almost out of charge. Thank goodness for friends and insurance.

Just wow … someone finally said it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0sNTz18jMg Please. Pass it on.