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May 2006

Common AC Registration questions

As the mass stampede continues to the close of pre-registration, I get some common questions and hopefully this will help folks: How long is pre-registration open? Pre registration will remain open a few more hours. Until 11:59 PM PST on today, May 31. Am I registered? We send out email and snail mail receipts. However, […]


I posted about the colocation problems I’ve had before. It looks like things finally got updated on their end and we’re stable now. Today the uptime is now 90 days:

What do you mean no cell coverage?

So events have me down at my folks in NC again. Happy birthday mom! susandeer is visiting too. It was a beautiful day. My brother came by and had his son in tow. Much lake splashing and fun was had. Lots of big-life worries are in the back of the mind. In the short term, […]

Wah wah waaaaaah

Two hydrogen atoms were walking to the bar. One said “Oh no. I think I’ve lost an electron.” “Really?” asked the other. “Yes.” said the first. “I’m positive.”


Darwin fishes, bumper stickers, ditto bars, calvin peeing, calvin praying to a cross, honor roll student citations, a bumper sticker about how you son beat up their honor roll student, etc. So many things to put on your car. But none are as cool as this: Brought to you by the Pastafarians of the Chuch […]


Happy Birthday, mrbearguy! Here’s hoping that you, the wife, and the cub are doing really well!

Happiness is…

Buying a cheap little grill, assmebling it with a friend, firing it up, tossing some very expensive meat onto it, and grilling within distance of Wifi.

Tetris Time!

Having moved into a shared apartment after having being in a large house for so long, the rooms are kinda stacked with boxes now. And thus the great tetris game begins. Between packing stuff down, ebay, and throwing stuff away, I hope to have stuff put away neat and clean in a very short time. […]


Hump Day Music!

It’s hard to describe this one. But it’s just damned fun to listen too. It’s amazing where the hell culture ends up. I’m a huge fan of traditional jazz and the New Orleans style. The city that was the cradle of jazz and pop, that got a heavy stir of island music and traditional french […]