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June 2006

The big con report.

What were you doing the Tuesday before AC? I was buying a van. So I could actually get everything to Pittsburgh. Really! Well. I wanted to buy one anyway, but I did rush the purchase to get things there. So it’s a post-AC con report! Yay! By now I’m sure most folks don’t care. You’re […]

And of course…

cuprohastes doesn’t like Memes. So naturally, triggur nicely created ones about him. Pass them around! 🙂 How Well Do You Know Cuprohastes?


Which Cuprohastes LJ Icon Are You? This randomly-chosen image perfectly represents my personality, my aspirations, my career goals, my religion, my IQ, and to a lesser extent, what I had for supper last Tuesday! Which Cuprohastes LJ Icon Are You? We

As demanded by tugrik! 🙂 It’s a bouncy music day! Very work safe and in the zone: Big Time Operator (3.7M MP3)


Take the Post-Con survey

We want to be the best-est con we can possibly be! Or, as it is phrased in our papers of incorporation: The sole purpose of the organization is to operate a yearly convention in order to bring together devotees of anthropomorphics from near and far, in a relaxed social atmosphere where fans of all ages […]

Registration counts.

I will post more detailed counts as time allows. As of noon today, Saturday June 17th, 2006, Anthrocon has exceeded all previous attendence records, standing now at 2409 members.

Oh yeah. Pre reg badges are printed.

And we find cute and fluffy inside pandora’s box:

Would you like a hypoallergenic kitten? That’s right. A cat that doesn’t set off cat allergies. Interestingly enough while they initially tried using genetic manipulation to achieve the effect, it was found that selective breeding via gene screening was the best method. If these guys could get together with the bio-luminescent-skin folks, you could have […]

I now have 40 lbs of badge clips! And I want to give one to everyone at the con! 🙂