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July 2006

It’s been a loooong time.

Today was a bit of a milestone. In the final push to go through stuff, ebay and give away the unused, and generally make the apartment and my life neat enough so I can move if I want, I went through the final post-fire box. It’s always been mentally tough going through the boxes of […]

Resume revamp

I hate working on resumes. I always feel guilty when trying to spin my skills. Anyway, this post is locked away from the general public. Please don’t post or send this resume around yet, it’s still be edited. If you don’t mind and feel you could help, please give the resume a quick read and […]

Cool! Someone did it in google maps!

create your own visited states map I need to go visit those other 1011 states sooner or later. Edit: And as pointed out by iridium this meme is counting DC as a “state.” Which it is not. It’s the only “posession” I’ve visited. The other six I need to visit too. (American Samoa, Federated States […]

Mac Classic

Oh yeah. Before I go an sell it. Anyone interested in a working Mac Classic with system 6 on it and an external hard drive and all that?

WTF? from Start Trek: TNG

I … I … am just at a lost for words. Quite safe for work, but WTF!??!

All right all you lion people….

Want an original “The Lion King” release banner from 1994? Currently bid at $0.05. Pass it around please. I would love to give this a good home.

Hump Day Music: ‘Frisco Town

‘Frisco Town (6.3 MB MP3) What can I say? Plucked bass, bari sax, washboard, jazz organ, and a dombro? Damn. It works. The tune is by “Memphis Minnie” from around the early 30’s, and this recording is from a few years ago. It’s an old blues tune about duncanroo‘s town. Of course, I love it […]



Nothing is quite like the surprise of finding a few emergency bills just zeroed your bank account. With some mad scrambling I made sure rent was covered, but am sweating bullets until the next payday. I already think I bounced a check to a dear friend and that’s going to suck explaining. And to top […]


How not to fire a handgun: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7279049101024789666 How not to fire a rifle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6f0tFPMfLE How not to fire a cannon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWKHFZOTGXY Though to be really honest, I think the rifle one is someone playing a joke in the office. You can hear the guys laughing and shouting in the background “shoot!” and “attack!” And like […]