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July 2006

Old MP3’s

I forget why we got on the conversaion, but we were chatting about the “oldest” music we had in our MP3 collections. I ended up having the oldest, though I was susprised it was by some 30 years: Washington Post March 2.4M MP3 It is an 1890 recording of the “Washington Post March.” The US […]

Urban renewal gardening

So there is a plot in front of the apartment. It can’t be much bigger than 10′ x 30′ or similar. Up until recently it’s been mostly weeds. We planned on knocking the weeds down, but a suprise hutch of bunnies put that on hold. The bunnies have since vacated so it was time to […]

A touch of Pops

So here’s todays little taste of music. (3.2M MP3) Normally I don’t support urban musicians who glorify gang violence, but hey, this one is a standard: It’s Louis Armstrong playing “Mac the knife.” Who would ever guess the self-taught trumpet player who has a voice that sounds like he gargled razors would make a living […]


So I just spent the day helping folks pack up and move for the sale of their house. That’s what friends do afterall. Friendship isn’t about just visiting each other. Its about helping each other out when its needed. If someone needs help moving, or is in trouble, or what have you. So anyway, after […]