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August 2006

Thursday Fun Music

Ok. So there are a few positions to hold the violin in. Under the chin is the classical style. Down in the arm is the bluegrass and fiddle style. And you might even poke around occasionally and hold it in your lap like an old violin de gamba. And maybe if you’ve played a lot […]

(Related to: http://horny-oryx.livejournal.com/5567.html) Miguel the Ranch Midget beers Bennie and in a tiny little midget voice says, “Dude.” You say, “Morning Miguel. Beer for breakfast, again?” Oryx notes that Miguel is still here… You say, “and?” Oryx says, “He hasn’t been evicted yet :)” You say, “Haven’t you been told? Miguel went to AA. Because […]

Happy Birthday!

Man it’s been a busy day, but I just wanted to make sure I popped in to give a shout out: Happy Birthday to everyone’s fave canuck wolf: cashewlou!!!


Psssst. moonstalker… Check your moonstalker.net email. Edit: Er… check the link again and reload now that I put the spell-checked version up. 🙂


I said it to him in person, but it doesn’t hurt here and a day late: Happy birthday, astor_apatasaur! But as for today and for the guy who I can’t get ahold of to say it in person: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, moonstalker!!!! I’ve got a little surprise that should hit your mailbox this evening. Hopefully it’ll […]

It’s another one of those silly things you notice like watching an odometer roll over. It turns out I just added my 5,555th song to iTunes. Remember that Japanese New-Orleans style street band I found? The “Black Bottom Brass Band?” It turns out the did a track for “Bust a Groove 2.” It really surprised […]

Years and years ago, as a little tig, I took a lot of piano lessons. Eventually I went on to other things. In college I had to revisit some of those lessons for the required sight-reading courses. That being said, I don’t think there would ever be a chance I could pull this off: http://www.youtube.com/v/3LEZXAkIys0 […]

Yay! Work buckets.

Work: * Fixed a DB propagation error on the Central DB at work. * Corrected inventory updates to retotal quantity on hand on each update. Macro: * Got the auth module for macrophile.com fixed since 2.0.21 changed authentication methods. * Fixing auth let me add a new link to the links section. Other: * Doemain […]

This one is for Giza. How NOT to release a leopard into the wild:


So, susandeer, wolf_kidd, and myself went exploring last weekend. The weather was nice and we just wanted to get out and do something. A few checks of the newspaper located a giant farmers market and flea market only a few miles from where we lived. As one of our friends who had been there mentioned, […]