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August 2006

Today’s bucket of work:

Let’s see. For the dayjob I finally got some serious integration done on the whackjob DB I have to use. For macrophile.com I got the core BB software udpated to fix a lot of little bugs. It took manual resolution on about a half dozen of the patches. That’s annoying. And it didn’t fix the […]

Trickle trickle trickle…

Work done Dayjob: * More integration into that pesky Brazilian DB done. Macrophile.com: * Created basic user pages for all 7400 odd active users of the BB. * Extended main.css to handle a lot of the general site design on the new pages. * Linked in user pages from the Art summary page, linked it […]

End of the day roundup.

Another good day of work and updates. * Got Doemain.com’s FAQ and store sections passably online. Folks may also notice the archive is now separated by years. * Updated buckcountysymphony.org’s website with the new season’s schedule and concert information. Poked Sonja for more information on the upcoming concert for the front page and general press […]


It’s monday morning. Meaning I drag my butt out of bed from the usual late Sunday night, trip down the morning commute of stairs and stare belarily at my screen. Java code oddly doesn’t make sense without coffee. There’s something that feels ok about that though. It’s like having it rain bison on Buffalo. I […]

I am astounded.

I had heard about it and a few credible researchers had witnessed it, but up until now no one have ever actually gotten videotape of the rarely seen tuba mating ritual:

Do I stay or do I go?

Happy Birthday!

Happy happy birthday to jadedfox!!!!! Your enthusiasm at life is something I really admire. I’m hoping things are going well down in DE.

Sanity returning?

I know it’s small. But it is, at least, a bit symbolic. Here’s hoping. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/5240572.stm

Heheh… ultimate boss key.

This is a nice little proxy that takes any website and makes it appear as if you are doing work in an editor. SWEET! http://www.workfriendly.net/