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September 2006


Ok. In drum corps they have other competitions for individuals to show off. This fellow is from the Renegades Drum Corps. The first minute of the video is him just warming up, rather nicely. He then addresses the judges and explains that he couldn’t make up his mind to play “flight of the bumblebee” or […]

Friend Cycle

As we get closer to move time, more and more stuff is either going to go to donations, friends or trash. Right now I’m looking at things like a humidifier, a small TV/VCR combo, a small entertainment center, and several assorted end tables and such that we are looking to get rid of. In the […]

Moving stuff dates.

So I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on just how I want to do this move. It turns out that a fairly well reccomended freight-by-weight company, ABF, has started a PODS-style (they call it “relocube”) service and the price is really good. If you calculate out the space we need, and add in […]

130 gig. Over USB.

I’m swaping some data around on USB external drives. They’re full of lots and lots teeny little files and formatted in a ext3, so with journaling. I set rsync to chew on it. The only trouble was with the USB bus so busy, and with the usual waits for journaling to catch up, one of […]

Errands… and non-explodey batteries.

Getting tons of little things done today. Caught up on bills. Got stuff mailed and sorted. Started trashing boxes and unwanted things. Put more on ebay. But the really cool thing is the replacement batteries for the laptop arrived today. They want you to fully discharge the old batteries for sending them back and suggest […]

Happy Birthday! derechodragon

Getting ready for the move

Was able to sneak around and finish a few errands today about the move. Thanks to it being near the end of season, we picked up on the cheap a camp stove, sleeping bags, tent, and a few other small supplies. Good. I also hit up the local UPS store and picked up the first […]

Move on down. Move on down the road.

So today I took a rough eyeball at the US map and routes to go from here west to the San Jose area. If we’re going to take our time and travel by car and enjoy it I think we need to do some serious outfitting. The current proposal is that we take the bench […]

I hate phone tech work…

So they decided to buy two jumbo plasma TVs for the trade booth. They decided to use the Linux box server in the booth to drive advertising and images on the plasma TVs. Configure X windows? On a linux distro you aren’t used to? For HDTV? On a dual head card? With 3D acceleration? With […]

Don’t cut that! That’s a load bearing tomato plant!

We don’t have much of a yard and garden. This old house supports several apartments and two store-fronts. Technically we are in the back, with the main body of the house as our “apartment.” It’s weird, but it is very very cool. The back yard was long ago paved over as a parking lot for […]