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November 2006

Gently touching into the season.

It’s been a while since I posted music stuff. And we’re finally getting to that point. You see, I like Christmas, I really like Christmas. I end up wincing and bah-humbugging at the commercialization of Christmas. But somwhere around this point of the year, my mood turns. At that point, I slowly start allowing christmas […]


Week 1

Moving is never really a singular event. It’s a whole process of buildup, execution, and recovery. I can liken the whole event to a drinking binge: First, you get psyched up about your move and start “drinking” on a regular basis. You try to pace yourself in your preparation. Only a few beers an hour […]

OMG Turkey!

We’ve beta tested the turkey fryer and the turkey rotisserie grill. By “beta testing” I mean we made two full turkeys in preparation for the acutal day when we’ll likely do three. If you are local (to Tugrik’s house) we have free hot food and turkey for anyone who wants!

Part 10 – The End

Short and sweet: We made it. And we’re resting. Final Stats: Current location: San Jose, CA (37.23805,-121.897902) Distance travelled on this leg: 306.5 miles Avg Economy: 24.1 MPG Total distance thus far: 4,412.3 miles Factoids: More factoids will be on later.

Part 9 – Nevada: The not-Vegas portions.

So. This was my first time in a large desert expanse. Deserts. Dry. Hot. Cacti and cowskulls. Coyotes and Road Runners. Why was it snowing? We spent most of our day worrying about frozen rain and snow on the passes, and dealing with cold and mist in the flats. I tried to burn up the […]

Part 8 – What do you “next turn in 423 miles?!”

So we took the I-80 route. It’s definitely one of the emptier stretches of interstate I have ever driven. There were large stretches of time that we were the only non-semi on the road. Now, I am not a squeamish person. Nor do I shy heavily from dirty work or germs. That’s not to say […]

Part 7 – The flat ends.

So … Nebraska is flat. Apparently eastern Wyoming and Colorado are too. It appears that when purchasing Colorado, the United States had it shipped via UPS ground. The UPS driver, being a tired fellow who had had his soul removed by forced overtime, “accidentally” dropped the package rather roughly when delivering it. Consequently all the […]

Part 6 – Now entering the middle

Nebraska is flat. We got a later start than expected but made good time. Finished out of Iowa and took a big chunk out of Nebraska. Nebraska is flat. Somehow it is oddly warm up here on the north route. My gas mileage dipped today because at times I had to use the AC. Nebraska […]

Part 5 – In Mimal’s head

It was a long drive today. We pushed through to our goal in Iowa to get there a bit early and be able to sleep in and catch up on a few things tomorrow. At nearly 13 hours of transit time in the van today, the cats were getting a bit antsy in the last […]