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December 2006

Happy New Year!

http://www.crescendo.net/~phil/lj/music/auld-lang-syne.mp3 Guy Lombardo was the guy who did the broadcasts from NYC. His recording is still used today 🙂


A year or two ago I messed up my lower back muscles. I was lifting a heavy weight at the time, and lifting it properly. Though it didn’t change the sudden feeling of release I felt as something “gave way” like a zipper up my lower spine. Initially I thought it was a pulled muscle. […]


I’ve scanned over folks’ holiday posts. Lots of good will and well wishing and stuff. It truly saddens my heart to see this. Let’s face it, few people today are talking about the true spirit of the season of Christmas. I refer, of course, to the toys! Sue was very kind to make my Christmas […]


The first christmas I was never at home. It went well. I hope you all had a good christmas.

Christmas spirit!

I suppose it’s never too late to get into the spirit of the season. Last night, dustykat invited a small group of folks over to his nifty condo for a pre-christmas dinner. He’s going to be spending the big day in Vegas with Jay. Dusty and Jay are excellent hosts as well as cooks. ‘Twas […]


Me: Ah! ‘Tis a fine weekend. I shall perform my weekly backups like a good sysadmin. One quick command and it’ll be done in just a few minutes. Backup Drive: Click. Clack. Wheeze. Cough. Me: This is odd. I’ll run Mr. Disc Check. (fsck) Disk Check: I’m not touching that thing. He might be contagious. […]

Part 2 – Brazil and Herndon on the desktop.

Locked to Joblist So a little while back I talked a bit about my last year or so of working with Trig. Obstensibly, this is to get around to talking about what is going on and I’m going to get there. But hey, like Victor Hugo thought, a little backstory can’t hurt.


Is it me or has christmas really snuck up quick this year?

Jobbish things part 1 – Colorado

Locked to Joblist So I’ve pondered this post more than a few times now. I even went out of my way to remind myself and ask folks if they wanted to read about jobish things before posting. So here it is. Let’s talk a little about how I got here. I think that in the […]

Dusty LJ

So I’ve been slow in posting to LJ. Things have been piled on top of things. And they’re just now settling out.