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January 2007

Just letting folks know.

(Locked to basically everyone BUT Sue) For folks who are curious about such things, tomorrow, AKA Feb 1 is susandeer‘s birthday. It doesn’t take much to make a person’s birthday happier. Usually just a little greet or comment can really help. A few folks have asked. Sue generally is too nice to ask other folks […]

Music post

Baloo the bear singing about chickens? Well, his voice anyway. And just for those who wish to drive others from their cube, a nearly ten-minute 70’s jazz instrumental of MacArthur Park featuring squealer trumpet player Maynard Ferguson: Someone left this cake out as an MP3

California Dreaming

So today we did a spur-of-the-moment run out that became an all-day event. Initially, we drove up into the hills through Stevens Creek canyon. We then had lunch at a place called Alice’s Restaurant at Skylonda. It’s a nifty little motor-cycle-friendly restaurant and stop up on the senic skyline roads in the mountain. We then […]

Oh… umm….

So we have some folks coming by to stay at the house for a day. They’re coming in from out of the country and I’m picking them up as a favor to the roommates. As part of this there’s been the usual last minute tuck-fluff-and-hide cleaning of the house in prep. So as I’m pondering […]

‘Tater ‘Tosh

So we drug everything we owned cross country, including three kitties in our van. It’s turned out to be wonderful. In a lot of surprisng ways. Natasha (AKA Mt Fluffmore, AKA the Black Blob, AKA Blubberella, AKA Peanut-head, AKA Fatasha, AKA ‘Tater ‘Tosh) is a stray that got adopted one very cold Halloween weekend in […]


It’s funny what brings back childhood memories. I was in Redwood City this evening at a business park and the automatic sprinklers were on, watering the grass. The disctinct sulphur smell of Artesian water woke a memory. I was back to being 12 and visiting the grandparents and uncle down in florida to go to […]

A touch of the slow music.

More obscure music that your grandma might have known. Duke Ellington originally wrote this piece. He was a harmonic genius that played dissonances that to this day we’re still trying to figure it out. This tune was thin to begin with, but this group distilled it down to as little as 2 but never more […]


So the boxes are mostly unpacked. And I’m kinda settled into a work groove. The holidays are mostly passed, though I am still dealing with packages for a few late gifts. I think it’s just finally settling in that I’ve moved. You are used to moving around and visiting folks. But at some subtle point […]


I don’t wanna go back to work tomorrow! On the bright side… someone should tell vulpnikov about “Viva Pinata.” Who knew you could put gas-masks on to foxes and they’d be so damned happy about it?