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February 2007

Hey… Mardi gras happened again

Man. I need to get me a music icon. Little tig there has that look of surprise and awe, so it kinda works. I only spent one summer in New Orleans. I’ve never been to a Mardi Gras there. But man I enjoyed the french querter, and even more, the music. NOLA is one of […]

The old master painter…

I’ve heard folks from the Silicon valley talk about how green it gets here when it rains. In a lot of ways I’ve nodded and listened but didn’t have the same mental image they had. There’s a song Phil Harris sang about “the old master painter of the faraway hills.” It’s a wonderful metaphor for […]

Today’s thought about California

Much like a ferret on angeldust, the weather’s mood here changes rapidly.


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So while I was at the gym, there was one of those loud businessy-sales folks types that was engaging anyone who would listen (and several who wouldn’t) in a conversation in the lockeroom. I don’t know if its a personality-domination trait that is encouraged by sales or business deals, but I’ve run into this before. […]

Ow…. breathing hurts.

About 6 months ago, for financial reasons, I had to close out my gym membership. Pushing for work had tapered down the time I could use it anyway and I was looking at moving. Recently, I’ve changed that and susandeer and I found a wonderful gym nearby at the reccommendation of several friends. So last […]

Shameless Geekery!

Today’s XKCD. Found by .

Cartoon Music!

Somewhere in the past, I picked up a CD of the Detroit Orchestra performing Suppé and Auber overtures. Classical music hides behind a smokscreen of composer and composition names. Those overtures you’ll basically know as cartoon music. If you grew up mind-zonked on sugary cereal watching Bugs Bunny and such, you’ve heard LOTS of musical […]

Valentines Day

You know. I’ve worked a few places that were good to their employess, but most of them were just a place to work. Some places were downright adversarial. I don’t think I’ve ever worked for a place that left valentine’s bags of candy on their employees desks before. o.O


I like surprises. I think the right kind of surprise on the right occasion can really make a good gift. I know I’ve bumbled a few in my time, and at the same time I’ve had a few good ones. And the times folks have surprised me, it has been wonderful. Even if you figure […]