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February 2007


The BBC is reporting on a scientific study by researchers at Manchester University. The study’s aim is to exactly quantify the “beer goggles” effect. (The commonly accepted notion that drinking beer will make others appear more attractive.) They have produced the following: Where: An = number of units of alcohol consumed S = smokiness of […]


Thanks to a tip from triggur to talk to krahnos, I now have a music group to play with. krahnos pointed me first to the San Jose Wind Symphony, which was full-up. But another group, the Ohlone Wind Orchestra had space for me to join in and play. Last night, in spite of everything trying […]

Music for kicking off the week.

Since Baloo sang to us about chickens last week, here he is talking about .. well … the thing And just to balance that, here are a trio of New Orleans piano greats hanging out and deciding to record a simple boogie woogie where they are trading off on solo passes: ‘Fess Longhair, Allen Toussaint […]

Morning folks vs evening folks