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May 2007


I always have a lot more respect for someone who will fess up they did wrong, rather than just violently defending their actions in the hope of hiding it. It’s nice to see Livejournal’s parent company doing it.

Doctor’s verdict.

So I went and saw my new doc here in california, and she agreed, I have an upper respiratory infection. It’s decided to not only go after my lungs but also is thinking about making inroads to my sinuses and my ears. Little does this cold know that it is foolish to fight a war […]


So I don’t think this memorial day would exactly have qualified as vegan. The big stuff always seems to just kinda happen. The roommates and I had talked about having a Memorial day BBQ because Jay Gryph and Cobolt were visiting. Then, on the way home from work on Friday, I popped into the Safeway. […]

Ain’t the mind a funny thing?

As much as it might look like they’re diverging, it’s the same image posted side by side. Freaky, eh? The reason on why it works is discussed here.

In the last 5 days

* Friend visited from halfway across country * spent two good dinners and an evening handing out * Worked three full days on the work days * Got the van cleaned up * Got the quote on AC badge art * Worked with an excellent artist to layout the badge art * Got the badge […]

Cutty Sark Scotch

So, the Cutty Sark, an old 1800’s era sailing ship, caught fire and burned in mid-restoration. Some folks are talking possible arson. They were lucky that many of the historic ornaments and pieces were in storage, but still it’s a hell of a loss and they are lamenting just how much they need in donations […]

For the sci-fi geeks…

From drzarron: A fully articulated, solid platinum, Gundam model. Now THAT is a proper toy.

I wonder if the actors get depressed…

sk_1 found this gem. I have to disagree with him, though. This is far worse than Hello Kitty. It’s My Little Pony … LIVE! Safe for work. Not safe for mind.


So I wonder what the puppy on the end is thinking….

Yay! New Server!

So now both doemain.com and the forums and all but the shell-user pages for macrophile.com have been moved to the new server. It is so very refreshing to have a server back in a decent packaging system. Yum on RedHat/CentOS is all well and good, but the Debian/Ubuntu folks just maintain a fabulous selection of […]