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June 2007

Whew…. milestone

1900 badges pre-printed. Pre-printing means that even if we lose power and register people by candle-light, you’ll get your badge. I

Bicycle! Bicycle!

As part of the move, I ended up donating my bicycle to the locak thrift shop rather than bringing it. I just didn’t have room. After I was here a little bit, I ended up picking up a new bike down at costco. It’s a nice hybrid bike (street bike with a little off-road capability) […]

Making the watermelon evil.

So for the great memorial day feast I bought a seedless watermelon. Folks ate about half of it, and then I ended up looking at leftover watermelon. Leftover watermelon is ususally a waste of food unless you have someone who really likes watermelon. And while I do, it’s not really on my diet and I’d […]

Holy smokes crazy.

Things have had me running screamingly fast of late. My life always seems to run into odd fits around Anthrocon time. I don’t know why. And it’s not that AC keeps me busy. I’ve had something like 2 moves and 3 major job changes on top of the various Anthrocon’s. Scary stuff. And this year […]


Happiness can be herding cats. Especially for a kitty! twentythoughts is visiting with us and after a day or two of collecting lost luggage and recovering from jet lag, we spent a good weekend running about and having fun. Saturday, we made a run up to Big Basin national park and looked at the local […]

Forget to register?

Did you suddenly just realize that you missed pre-registration for Anthrocon? That’s right. The deadline was the 15th at midnight. Are you now getting that sinking feeling that unless you start standing in line this evening, you won’t have your badge until Sunday of the con? You might be right. But in spite of detailed […]

Note to self…

3 margaritas over lunch does not help concentrating at work afterwards…

Silly and cute.

Ask Dr. Internets….

Oh magical live journal. I have a friend coming to visit from out-of-country. I am new to the area, mostly. (The area being the silicon valley of California.) He is a good person and your usual game/geek/furry dude. I’ve already got Yosemite chalked onto the “to do” list, as well as San Fran. What other […]

Things that break you out of zoning out…

Sometimes as you’re working to music, your creative patterns come to a SCREECHING halt because the music you are zoning out to just grabs your attention. I was listening to an innocent celtic-music radio stream and then… how can I possibly describe it? … I had to buy the CD because of this one: Wild […]